Operational benefits

Making the transition to Infrared heating provides a number operational benefits, including:

  • Ease of installation
  • Lower heating costs
  • Maintenance free operation
  • No requirement for regular servicing
  • Zero light emission
  • A silent heating system
  • Superior thermal comfort
  • Easily removed for decorating
  • 5 year warranty with a long life service (LAVA panels 20yrs +)
  • Helps to facilitate compliance with COVID-19 guidance for closed environments
  • Better insulation: walls infused with infrared are drier and therefore a better insulator
  • Healthier environment for asthma sufferers or others with respiratory issues
  • Improved peripheral circulation resulting from infrared directly warming the body

Financial benefits

Heating cost savings of circa 30% are achieved against convection heaters:

  • LAVA Infrared requires approximately 20% less watts/m2 than convection heating to heat the same space. Heating thermal mass is more efficient than heating air, as it retains the heat for longer; energy is not wasted over heating the ceiling void
  • Reduced running cost: 12% from reducing the room temperature by 2 degrees as occupants are directly heated, less on-time/day (approx. 25% less); 4-5 hours/day for infrared compared with 7-8 hrs/day for convection and more accurate control
  • Reduced heating demand resulting from drier, better insulated walls
  • More comfortable heating = increased scout hut use
  • Maintenance and capital cost savings are determined by the current maintenance costs and the type of heaters the LAVA Infrared panel is replacing:
    • no annual servicing or on-going maintenance costs (saving = £ case by case)
    • longer equipment life expectancy of 20+ years against a standard convector heater of approximately 10 years (saving = £ case by case)
    • reduced building maintenance resulting from drier, better insulated walls which prevents damp/mould (saving = £ case by case).